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“Pall Medical’s success in implementing lean was rooted in how Mike engaged us, from senior leadership to the shop floor. He was effective at a strategic level (in helping us define a plan) as well as at a tactical level (in facilitating our actual transformation) as he led us from conveyor assembly lines to cell-based work flow. Mike’s practical approach focused on adapting the lean philosophy and tools to our unique environment.”

Miguel Casabosch
Plant Manager, Pall Corporation


“It was our great pleasure to have worked with Mike Osterling to implement a Lean Manufacturing system during 2005 and 2006. The ideology introduced by Mike has had a profound and lasting impact on nearly every aspect of our operations, and I can say without a doubt that his work is the greatest single investment I have ever made in my company. Mike’s knowledge, professionalism, interpersonal skills and determination produced results that far exceeded my expectations. Based on the changes and results Mike has produced for us, I have all the confidence in the world that he will surely be able to do the same for any business.”

Nate Mullen
President, Unique Lighting Systems, Inc.

Osterling Consulting Services: create and transform


From the shop floor to the front office, and into the field, we consistently guide teams through the improvement process achieving quick and high-impact results. By first assuring alignment of our clients’ vision, resources, skills, incentives and action plan, we can then focus on execution, resulting in positive improvements in:

Results our clients have experienced include:

Sales Order to Invoicing (administrative processes only)

Metric Before After Improvement
Pre-production lead time 4.3 hours .5 hours 88%
Process (touch) time per order 44 minutes 34 minutes 23%
Document travel distance 1525 ft. 861 ft. 44%
Number of process steps 22 13 41%

Purchase Order to Order Launch (Configure to order products)

Metric Before After Improvement
Lead time 17 days 6 days 65%
Process (touch) time per order 345 minutes 266 minutes 23%

New Hire Requisition Process

Metric Before After Improvement
Lead Time 77 days 36 days 53%

Cost Estimating Process

Metric Before After Improvement
Lead Time 40 days 15 days 63%
Estimate Accuracy ±25% ±10% 60%
Number of process steps 14 11 21%

Order Amendment Process

Metric Before After Improvement
Lead time 32.6 days 17.9 days 45%
Process (touch) time per order 1285 minutes 618 minutes 52%
Number of process steps 61 21 66%

Electrical Products – Conversion to One-piece Flow Cell

Metric Before After Improvement
Productivity (people required) 25 17 32%
First pass yield (acceptance rate) 98.7% 99.4% 54%
Work in Process 257 54 79%
Floor space required 2392 sq ft 837 sq ft 65%

Production of Medical Devices - Extrusion and Assembly

Metric Before After Improvement
Operators 17 10 41%
Travel distance 3277 feet 80 feet 98%
Lead time 38.7 days 20.1 days 48%
Work in Process Inventory $16,000 $8400 47%
Space 720 Sq Ft 374 Sq Ft 48%

Changeover Time on Molding Machine

Metric Before After Improvement
Changeover time 213 minutes 26 minutes 88%
Batch size 20,000 units 6000 70%

Processing of Non-conforming Materials Documentation

Metric Before After Improvement
Lead time 17 days 9 days 47%
Process (touch) time per occurrence 74 minutes 16 minutes 78%

Assemble-to-Order Production Line

Metric Before After Improvement
Product flow distance 685 ft 310 ft 55%
Floor space required 24,544 sq ft 16,295 sq ft 34%
Work in Process Inventory 50 units 16 units 68%

Other improvements realized include: